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Welcome to our universe of flowers and creative designs. A world of infinite possibilities.

We specialize in creative and professional floral designs.

At Estilo Flower Design, we take great pride in our craft, and we’re not afraid to break with tradition to create the perfect style to suit your needs.

What impression do you want to make with your floral decorations?


Need floral designs for your next event? We’re a market leader in Danish floral art. With extensive experience with large and international events, we know how to create the perfect ambiance and how to present your company’s identity through flowers.

Decorations are an important part of the ambiance and the overall impression of your event. Let us tailor your flower decorations to reflect your company’s identity.

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Table decorations

When we make table decorations, we design creative flower solutions to match your company’s identity or the theme of your event. Your guests will be sitting at the table for hours. An elegant table decoration looks professional and establishes the right ambiance.

Trivial or no flowers on the tables leaves an empty and bland impression, while stylish floral combinations of colors has a lasting effect. Make your event unforgettable with flowers!

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Your wedding is a big day in your life, and the bridal bouquet plays an important part in making your special day perfect. A bridal bouquet is very personal, reflecting the personality and beauty of the bride through creative flower combinations and a unique play of color.

At Estilo Flower Design, we want to create the bridal bouquet of your dreams. We try to get to know your personality so that we can create a unique bouquet that reflects your character stylishly and beautifully.

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